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Hi! I'm relatively new to this vehicle and technology. I love music and having my CDs to play.
But, it sounds like there are issues with using either an installed CD player or a flash drive.
I'm also concerned, because of all of the computer related issues that can prevail, as to
which way of enjoying one's music would be easier on the driver (me) and the vehicle.

(It's like how it drives me nuts every time I get back into my vehicle and it reloads my
phone contacts each time. Mazda said there's no way around that--it just seems to me
that that is not great for any computer related device.) If I'm not using my phone contacts
(I don't tend to talk and drive) I might try cloaking (putting phone in RFID type container.
Any tech thoughts on that, too? Sorry for the dual questions.

Have a great day:)

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Hi there.
A search would have given you all the answers you neede and more info.

The loading of the contacts isn't an issue, the MZDconnect has memory dedicated for this, however it is limited. I know (I tried to re-allocate some of it for some mods, didnt work). You can stop it from loading/sharing contacts and messages contacts, in you phone bluetooth settings. While still having your phone connected to bluetooth to receive calls, it will just show as a number then, no contact name, and same for dialing out, you wont have a contact book unless you dial from your phone. I have noticed that different phones have some issues. Think it's a bluetooth chipset quirk.
Personally Android auto is better suited to handling these things.

Music, there are no issues with that, its quite robust IMO. But the type of flash drive plays a role. Some are better suited to handling the speeds and resuming when you jump back in the car. I recommend a class 10 and max of 16gb storage. Bigger does work, but there's random errors ( resuming playback mainly). Also try not to put other stuff on the USB, keep it just for music, and update (add/remove) as required. Sub-folders are fine too, but generally they can make it a pain to navigate. Voice control works fine for me too "play folder <folder name>.
My CD player hasn't seen a CD since I bought Don't even know if it works... Actually thinking of removing it and adding a tray insert.
CD player reads Mp3 as well, so you can burn those too.

Deezer and Spotify work great too from your phone.

So these options give many solution to your concerns :)
Happy listening & cruising.
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