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Finally received my cx3 maxx 6th Aug 15, problems:
1. i had a total automatic gearbox failure at 600kms, a "hard start" in 1st gear. new gearbox 1.5 weeks later.
2. 2.0 litre engine is very noisy on hardish acceleration, noise is coming from the muffler, which vibrates the firewall which vibrates up thru the accelerator pedal. there maybe an exhaust mount near the accelerator pedal mount on the other side. Road noise is nothing compared to this noise.
3. wing mirrors are in the wrong place and can block your vision going into roundabouts. You can loose the vision of a car behind them. move the mirrors back to the corners of the door, better for mirror fixes, you don't have to rip the whole inside door apart.
4. sun visors too short unless you are 6 feet tall, need to add 25mm to the bottom of them.
other than those things above it drives well and good on fuel

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I'm afraid one of the U.K. has had a virtually identical gearbox failure so that is a real concern. I'm not sure the engine noise is a fault. The engine puts out extremely low emissions and it is achieved by utilising a number of chambers and boxes that can prove noisy especially at cold start up.

I can do nothing but agree with points 3 and 4 although they don't particularly offend me.
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