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I would suggest a vendor, probably on amazon if thats available to you, that has actual non-coerced reviews and a legit warranty system. In my experience the hard part about aftermarket leds is its life span depending on what parts "manufactuers" use. 90% of the time its generic cheap products thrown into a fancy box with a card to "pls giv 5 star review". Even those that claim a 3yr+ warranty seem to disappear when something shorts out within a few weeks. Also found another seller yesterday that allegedly tells people to rate them a 5 star before they send you a replacement which is another red flag :/

Things on ebay are basically a wild card. They could either work perfectly or they could short out or flicker within a month and the seller either wants you to pay international return shipping on the faulty part (lol) or just doesnt answer. Best case they ship you a replacement which takes a weeks to arrive, worst case they disappear.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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