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Purchased the cx3 Sport 3/22, currently 26k miles.
today, during a sudden acceleration (to merge safely from a freeway on ramp), there was a most
disconcerting lurch; the left front of the car dropped for about 1/2 second before it was corrected.

I've been up this ramp many times - a smooth build up of speed to merge doesn't cause the problem.
Tires are Yokohama Avid s34. I keep the front as close to 36psi (cold) as I can - I've noticed slightly
lower or higher and the ride suffers quite badly. Tire issue or something odd about the suspension?

I've also experienced the issue discussed here, where the car will sometimes feel as if it's driving in a
shallow rut or rails, and it feels as if it's going in and out of it.

My vehicle was a certified used from the Mazda dealer. I've yet to approach them about this.
Any advice appreciated
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