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Cant wait to get my CX-3, in the meantime i just want to write something about the overall design. Like a blog.

I dont consider myself a highly skilled designer, but still i work as a teacher in general mediadesign and also work as a graphic designer through a designstudio. So i consider myself as a person who knows the basic levels of design and have opinions on whats good or bad.

So of course i ordered a CX-3 based on the kodo philosophy from Mazda, and combined with clever and reliable engineering its an amazing pachage of a car. And its the first car i buy new, just owning various old cars of various quality (nothing beats a mid 90s corolla on quality though) im exited as hell. My second car was a 95 323 1,8 and its was amazing, fast and sporty and nothing could kill it. Nuff said, i like Mazdas.

The CX-3 has something rare about it, its a car thats look good from any angle. No matter how you (i) look at it its got everything right on the exterior.

(its a 2, but the same point almost)

The Citroen C4 Cactus is by many also considered a "design-car". To me it looks like a funny insect, cool the first few weeks - then you get tired watching it. I call it a short lived design. Also the Juke has the same problem looking like an angry insect.

While we are on animals, the new facelift Mercedes A-class (and early BMW 1-series) its a frog looking car. See how the headlights dont match the lines as well as the Mazda does?

My point; the CX-3 looks like a well designed car, not anything related to the animal kingdom. And you seriosely dont need any extra exterior trim, it looks ready styled from the factory. You could maybe call it Alfa Romeoish with the skills of a japanese sushi-chef samurai thing.

Interior looks sleek with the airwents inspired from the Corsair.

And thankfully the buttonwar is over. The current competior Ford Focus has a overkill of buttons, but as i understand they will also redesign the buttonlayout in their next model.
I love the ac/heatcontrol units, looks and feels very good. From a drivers view its chruses the competition. And for the price its good interior quality and feel.

But Mazda have gone in a few traps with the interior. I think they have been pushed to do what they think is in popular demand. However there is different solutions, if not less expensive solutions.

The headupdisplay, its a cool fashion gadget but its does not fit in the kododesign. It attract dust and hard to clean whith all the edges its mounted into, looks like a $29 gadget from ebay. Its embarrasing. Can i even shut it off? To display the speed and other essential info they could do something like a tiny display mouned in the bottom of the window and so on.

Theres a concept picture here that shows what im on about, but it should still be integrated not something thats pop up. Also the iDrive is smaller but should still be where the sportbutton is (near the gear leaver) for easier manuvering and road safety, see how that would also make place for a cupholder or two, and the armrest?

The iDrive also collect dirt and dust due to its vertical positioning, and near my cup of tea it will get soon drown. All of the "iDrive" controls could be on the steeringwheel or the dash. And while im on it; its a marketing-disaster NOT to have Carplay or Android availible in 2016!

The start/stop button is hidden away, clearly a designfault, why hide it so much?

Usb2 is usb 2, but lacks output power - so hardly any point charging you smartphone. I would like a usb-port in the glovecompartment, so i could hide away my old ipod. They could also place the SD-card there i think it would be more kodoish and practical. But still leave the two usbports like now.

Mazda also suffers from beeing a relatively small carcompany. Well i tried to bulid an Audi A1 on the Audi webpages for fun, but they have too many options to fool you into paying almost twice the amount of an equal japanese car. But Mazda wont let me choose between many interior and seat trims. If i want the "high level version" i got to have leather seats and i can only choose between one fabrictype of seats. So i miss something in the middle of Audioptions and Mazdaoptions. But the future of Mazda as a car brand looks very good as they are independent from Ford and make all models look fantastic.

The CX-3 has a few flaws but the overall design is right now the best of the bunch of crossovers.

So theres my short opinions on design before i get my CX-3, hopefully next week...
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