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Fit for: Mazda CX-7 2.3L Turbocharged Model; Turbo part refrence number: K0422-582 L33L13700B L33L13700C L3Y11370ZC L3Y41370ZC L3Y31370ZC L3YC1370Z ; Turbo OEM number: 53047109904 53047109907 ;
Note: Please check the Turbo Model, Turbo Part Number and OEM Part Number on your original turbo to make sure it's the right one for your engine.
maXpeedingrods(also known as: Maxspeedingrods)All MaXpeedingrods turbochargers are produced based on the OEM units to ensure the perfect fitment to the related parts. MaXpeedingRods only selects ideal material for all turbochargers components to ensure reliability and durability.

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Installation/Fitting Tips
1. Why turbos fail? – Diagnosis
Investigate cause of original turbo failure before fitting replacement
Most turbo failures are due to – Oil Starvation/Contamination, Electronics sensors, Air leaks over speeding turbo, or foreign matter entering compressor housing. Breather problems.
2. Rectify Malfunction
Upon completion of diagnosis and conclusion of malfunction or component failure, either you must rectify the malfunction or replace the failed components with new components. Check for foreign particles. All BEFORE you fit the new turbo.
3. Replace Components

Before fitting your new Turbo, you must Replace Components listed below
OIL FEED PIPE (from engine to top of turbo), replace banjo bolts and oil drain
Replace Turbo oil drain hose (check clear / check no damage to pipe)
Oil and oil filter (correct grade as per manufacturers recommendation)
Air filter
Gaskets and washers, O rings
Diesel Particulate Filter liquid level sensor topped up with fluid level
4. Clean or Replace
Diesel Injectors – Clean, Test, Replace
Air box and air intake hose to turbo (Pressure Test)
Oil cooler/ intercooler/ hose, from turbo to intercooler (damage or air leak). Get Pressure Tested
E.G.R VALVE – Check correct operation, clean or replace if necessary
Breather system, cam cover (rocker cover) – check for blockage
Clean Inlet/exhaust manifolds, check for carbon deposits/cracks/clean head faces/replace gaskets
Ensure the exhaust and/or catalytic converter/diesel particulate filter (DPF) are not fully or partly blocked
Before fitting Turbo – check no debris enters turbo, check all gaskets fit with gas tight seal
Flush Engine
5. Fit and Test Turbo
Check OIL PRESSURE is within manufacturers Tolerances
Start engine and allow to idle for 3-5 mins before driving (do not let engine idle unnecessarily)
Check for Oil/Gasket/Air Leaks, All OBVIOUS locations on engine
Plug into diagnostic machine to check for any fault codes (rectify or repair as per diagnosis, before road test).
A professional mechanic or turbo tuning shop is only recommended for the turbo fitting job of your car. The external influence on the failure of the turbo is not included in the warranty. And only with the turbo properly fitted, you will have your car return to the road earlier.

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Thanks ... not planning to buy a CX-7 anytime soon, neither put my CX-3 Turbo.

Finally, probably not on the best forum to sell your ... things.

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