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Hi all.

Alright, I have a strange problem occurring with my 2016 CX3, and it's becoming more frequent, and very frustrating.

Half the time when I jump in my car, and sync my phone (Huewai P30 Lite), I am noticing an overlapping of sound when Google Maps is running, and often my music sounds like crap.

When Google Maps is running, it's there's two navigation voices running with like a split second delay between the two of them, like a very tight delay between two tracks overlapping. And sometimes, the music sounds tinny, and you can hear the same 'overlapping' with the vocals.

I noticed it about 4 months ago. It normally happens after my car has been started, but I've been experimenting with launching Google Maps while the car is off, then starting my car, and it's 50/50 the sound overlapping issue occurs.

Very annoying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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