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Hi there. I bought a CX3 few weeks ago and I got to know it step by step. At the beginning I had some problem that later disappeared without a reason. but they're not related to audio so I'll post a message in the relevant thread.

The one this that I do not understand with regards to the radio managing is the following: FM coverage in my area for the radio I listen to, is quite bad, especially when I'm close to the office are (where also queues are, so where I spend most of my travel time). I then switched to DAB (I made sure the CX3 I was buying had it) and I thought I would have had a flawless experience with that, and as far as the listening goes, I'm happy enough.

However, the audio source seems to auto-switch back to FM for no apparent reason every now and then. Up to now I couldn't find any relationship with other events (e.g. engine off, stop the car for more than "x" hours, using bluetooth etc.) so I was wondering if anyone ever experienced this issue, as I actually found some indication on the internet about it but nobody seems to care about it and no one gives a solution.

Add to this that the various audio sources seem to have uneven volume levels (FM being much louder) and so not only the audio has interferences, but also when you turn on the car after it switched back to FM it deafens you with its sound level! My previous car (a MINI Cooper D) had a level adjustment in the menus where you could set the level of the AUX input in relationship to the FM radio, and the even previous car (a Mazda 2) I recall remembering the volume level between sources if I'm not wrong.

Now, I'm running firmware 55 or so, it's the one I found on the car and I would like to keep it to be able to use the Mazda tweaks for Android Auto, but if there is any more recent firmware solving or improving this behaviour I may consider it, as I also plan somewhere in the future to use the proper way to have Android Auto and a reasonable amount of current to charge the phone (the ports do not charge my phone that much, and if I use Android Auto I cannot charge the phone on the cigarette lighter charger because, of course, there's no data communication through it). I would just make the switch earlier..

Thank you!
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