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Hey Stuart, nice to see another Bluenoser on here. I picked up my 2018 GS this past summer and I'm loving it. I got the Nav added as an option and to be honest, if I had known they'd be coming with Apple/Android play I wouldn't have. The Nav system works pretty well but I think the smartphone system would add a lot more for the money. The difference of course would be the accuracy of GPS versus cell phones. In my experience they both work similarly well when you're in an area with excellent cell tower coverage, but when you get out in the country I'm guessing the triangulation (if that's the right term) from fewer towers slows down the phone system. Beyond the GPS though, I'd imagine the Apple play features added for music, podcasts and everything else would be pretty good.

PS If you're looking for a set of front mud flaps I have a set I'm no longer using. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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