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So after last week's dumping we warmed right up during the week and yesterday went up to like 15'C. Figured it was a good time to pull the plugs out so I can do the anti-seize to the threads and put them back (I do this with all my cars when I pick them up so I know down the road I can get the plugs out when it's time).

So I remove the engine cover, unplug the coil harnesses, remove the coils get my 5/8" plug socket and long extension and went to work.

Dropped the socket down there and it just spins WTF??? I pull it out and took a look down there and looked at my socket and realized the plug has a smaller hex head than the normal 5/8" plug socket on all the other cars.

Looks like I gotta find myself another tool for the toolbox (14mm or 9/16 plug socket) so I had to put everything back (I did do the antiseize to the coil bolts though).

This car keeps giving me surprises...........

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