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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has found some good seat covers for their cx-3.
If so where did you get them from and would love to see some pictures. :)
Hi Carley. In my post "Heated Seats" I show a couple of car seat covers. One is of my "Sheep Skin" covers. The beauty of these is that extra pockets were added. On the back of each seat are pockets that will accept something as big as a street directory. The original pocket that's on the back of the passenger seat is still accessible (Hidden, you might say). There are pockets on the seat fronts of each seat (behind the calves).
Then, that are pockets on the insides of the uprights of both seats. These pockets are large enough for a phone, glasses etc. (Easy to reach while driving).

And, of course they are lovely and warm....hence Heated Seats.

The other pic is of a seat covers that I liked and hoped others would also.

Now, as for any more details of the sheep skin covers I think it's pointless to say as I don't know where you're located. Again...PLEASE everyone, indicate where you're from.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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