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Hey all,

I ordered a set of floor mats last week from Scarboro Mazda (near Toronto for our out of country friends). The price was so good , I was willing to wait for shipping. A week later tracking shows shipping label created but item not shipped. I was extremely dismayed as I had a bad experience with Visions electronics and thought - here we go again.

I sent an email and didn't hear back, so the next day , I sent another.
Almost immediate response. It appears Canada Post lost the shipment.
Scarboro Mazda is not only shipping a second set, they also provided a discount on my next order. It appears customer service is alive and well at Scarboro Mazda. is the online store - price has gone up but is still less than the prices in Calgary - 2500 miles away.

I wanted to share because I feel good customer service has become something rare.

We all want it right every time but true customer service shows in the response when things don't go well.
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