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How do I get the infotainment system to allow me to reply to text messages? Doesn’t work when parked, parked with parking brake on, or moving. I can receive, but unable to reply. There are all the standard reply’s set up, but the reply icon is always greyed out.

It’s a 2017 CX-3 GT. Connected to an IPhone 7+
All software upgrades done and current nav card installed.

Thanks all.

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Don't recall if 'reply to' ever worked but now with Android Auto.

push to talk: Send text to "contact Name". - You can also use "OK Google" , I've turned that option to "off".

It reads the text back to you ; would you like to send or edit.
Haven't tried an edit - but the google assistant text-to-speech is amazingly accurate.
I would imagine similar results for Apple Car Play but I cannot speak to that.

costly for what it is, but functionality is great.
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My phone's a Samsung and the available replies via the Communication Center go along the lines of:
I'm in a meeting
I'm driving
Call you back later.
I can access any of these and send while I am driving.
I have no issues using the text reply, just wish there was a way to make it a little more customized.
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