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The wife just got a 2017 CX-3 GT and she wants a remote starter. What is everyone uses?
Compustar G15
This is the one I use (Canada). It’s pretty awesome I have to say. Works from across parking lots, in buildings etc. Never had it NOT work when I was sure it wouldn’t. 2 mile range and it’s 2-way so you know the car has started.

I got it thrown into my purchase of the 2018 CX3 over the Mazda 1-way (I believe it is Compustar as well) so it’s dealer installed.

It’s pretty pricey on its own (plus the 3rd party install) but you’ll be glad you have it for those -30C days/freezing mornings.

Handy trunk opener, plus lock/unlock/panic as well.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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