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Since some weeks I have an issue with the idle speed of my car (GT-M from 2016).
When I release the gas paddle, the idle speed does not drop at once to the appropriate 800 rpm.
It sticks around 2000 rpm (cold engine) or 1400 rpm (warm engine) and drops after a few seconds to the normal idle speed.
As I still have warranty on the car, I went to the Mazda dealer who sold me the car. After inspection (read out of the computer and test drive) they told me that had to live with it as it was a product feature that was normal for this engine.
I have some second thoughts about this. Especially as I already had a oil pressure issue with the car inmidately after I bought it. The red light in the dashboard lit up and after replacing the oil filter (a modification by Mazda??) by the dealer the problem dit not occurs anymore. As mentioned, the dealer told me that they had to replace the oil filter by a modified filter, but could not (or wanted not) explain why. In general, I do not have a good feeling regarding these issues and the way they are handled bij the dealer.
As this is my first CX3, I was wondering if anyone of you is familiar with one of these problems?

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