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Anyone who can give me referrals to a workshop that does a good paintjob.

Thanks in Advance:)
4 May 2021
I think that you may to have a hard time finding a painter able to blend these Mazda colors ,check with you dealer.

I am surprised that Mazda went that concept car paint route.

Any port in a storm !
I have found a nail varnish that may work for the Soul Red metalic 41 V .

This projectwill take time

It is a ladies nail paint which should be applied with several light coats , also you are going to need some 500 & 600 paper and some auto scratch remover .

Note :-The nail varnish is not a filler.
All the products are by REVLON::::::::: #100 SILVER :::::::: #854 RED AFAIR ::::::::: #771 CLEAR i have only used the RED so far for several coats as a base . i will try the silver next finishing with the clear allowing a week between coats i recomwend you practice on a sheet of paper first which you colld hold near the car that is if your car is red, i did not use masking tape , may try scotch clear tape. and Q tips and a artist support padded rod
I can not offer any guarantees.
my scratch was 2 " long by 1/8" just under the left headlight

Here is the same car below with many different shades of RED 41V depending where the light hits it.


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