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Howdy, I've been registered for a few months, and just haven't done this yet, so here goes...

The name's Dion, and although this in my 1st Mazda, I'm not entirely unfamiliar with them. My wife has had 2 Mazda 5's (a 2007 Sport and a 2009 GT), and she currently has a 2016 CX-5. Our daughter has had two Mazda 3's and a Mazda 6 (although she has broken rank with the Ford Escape she drives now).

Anyway, my last car was an '04 Scion xB that I did a few mods to (gratuitous picture to follow). It was a fun car, but was beginning to show it's age, and I figured since the Mazda product has been so good to my girls, I'd finally get one for myself. :D

I'm currently the last Super Mod on the xB forum I still belong to (no one wants to step up so I can "retire"). So Super Mods, you can expect good behavior from me! Guess that's all I have at the moment.
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