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Hi Folks!

I'm new in town and i like to introduce myself.

My name is Danny, 31 years old and living in The Netherlands, or Holland as you wish.

I've been driven VW for many years, first a Golf V GTI and then Golf VI TSI DSG.
But after all kinds of troubles (clutch, gearbox, engine itself..) and most of all a sh*tass dealernetwork making the step to Mazda.

Fall in love with the 3 hatchback (wonderfull engine, wonderfull interior!), but it was more or less the same car like my Golf.
I wanted something special, something different.
My dealer told me a baby CX5 was underway, based on the 3. Allright it turned to be a 2, i forgive him.

First impression was sooo nice, this could be my next car!
It had way more sex-appeal then, for example a Golf VII. Or the Renault Captur. Or like many many other cars.

So here i am now, with my first non-German car in 13 years!

Ceramic white TS+ with GT-M 18" wheels.

It turned out to be a great car for me alone or together with my girlfriend. Fully loaded.. meeh i miss my Golf VI a bit. A lot more space at the backseats. But thats okay and no problem for me, i know it before i bought it. So no complaining about that.

Fuel consumption is great. Absolutely great!
Sound a bit like Trump, do i?!
Overall 6.0 at a range of 700 km.
Once we did 4.9 at a 150 km trip.

Is it all fun and happiness? No.
Got some issues with the iStop, or Start/Stop how we are calling it.
But i will create a new topic for that.

First im going to read a lot and learn from you guys!

Greetings, Danny

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Welcome Danny.

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Welcome to the forum Danny. that's certainly a comprehensive first post.

Re iStop. If you search for it in this forum, using the Search facility on the top line, you should find plenty of posts about people's experiences and suggested solutions - or more like explanations.

As an aside, can I recommend you add your car spec to your signature. That way other forum members can use that information if trying to answer any queries you raise.
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