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Bought cx3 back in March and love the car! Only flaw i notice is that they did not make a mazda speed version or a v6 model. Not to mention sometimes when I shift into drive from reverse it stalls. The drive is amazing. Cornering is great and the AWD does a fantastic job of keeping traction. I Want to get the tower brace set from AutoExe however they informed me most of their parts wont fit on my (US) model. Sucks because i like the exhaust from them as well. Also the front bumper from Knight looks insane for the cx-3! check out my car its a work in progress.

Please let me know what yall think and any ideas you guys have for the CX3. I would love to hear form everyone!!

pics of mazda in link.


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It's your car. As long as you like it, what does it matter what we think?
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