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New possible cx3 owner

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Hi, new cx3s should be in dealership near western Mass. late August. Due in port August 12.
My current work car a scion xd has lived a full life.
I've looked at dozens of replacements, would like awd.
Thought I'd love the hrv and liked everything but the hump in the front floor! It's awful, no room for your left foot can't sit with leg at an ergonomic angle. Deal breaker for me at 6 foot.
Subaru crosstrek maybe...but not real excited.
Going to drive my pickup truck for a month till cx3 comes in...if I don't like it I am fairly sure will be getting a2016 cx5. Our cx9 family car has been a great vehicle

Question for any Canadian all the interiors have the dark red trim pieces on the dash and door panels? To me it looks out of place? All ten online pictures I see has it.

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A question I might have asked myself, but from the opposite side of the fence. I think the red is essential to break up of the monotonous sea of black.
I would add red floor mats if I could find a reasonable match.

I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I bet the red accents come only with the leather and leatherette interiors. Cloth will be all black.
I like the look of the red inserts, I think it's cool.were getting touring so I hope it comes with car.
In Australia only the top two, sTouring and Akari come with the red inserts. The entry Neo and Maxx are all black.
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