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Greetings from the UK Midlands, I'm Jason and have recently inherited my father's pristine 2015 CX-3. The Mazda Connect firmware update posts look to be just what I need, running v. 56 at present.
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Greetings from US. Also looking for firmware upgrade for a 2018 CX-3.
Hi srh13. I've obtained the update file from ASH8 on the forum - send him a pm with your current OS firmare version (the whole sequence is needed - in my case 56.00.512 EU N) requesting the file. I will be installing it over the weekend; the update process is provided with the firmware and needs to be followed very carefully. Best regards.
Hey, thanks for the info. Will reach out to ASH8.
Hi. Looking for firmware update file for my Mazda 6.
Would there be any other update files needed in addition to the OS one? like music library etc? Cheers
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