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Hello all - while I’m new here, just to let you know, your postings helped in my decision to purchase a 2018 Ceramic parchment/black GT CX-3 - thank you. I do own a Miata MX-5 2016 LE ND, which also helped put my faith in Mazda. We also have a 2015 Mazda 6 in the family as well. In fact my first Mazda was a 1974 RX-4, which I wish I still had. I have parked in the shed a nice 1963 Falcon and I also drive a manual transmission diesel 2013 Beetle, which I may sell back, but hope not to have to. It makes me wonder what diesel CX-3 is like. I suspect it is nice too. If I can fine a good Model A - I’ll have touched base with all the cars I could dream of. Thank you for this helpful forum! Nick
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