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Good day glad to be part of the community can't wait to get some insight from you.

I am currently looking at changing the look of my Cx3. I am looking at going for a darker style wheel. I am choosing between 18"x8 and 19"x8.5 which would you go for? My car has the stock 16" wheels by the way.

My main concern is the tires, what is the maximum width tyre that can be installed? I have seen a post where a guy had 245/35R19's on his car with a offset of 35. I would also like to go with a setup like this. Something like 255/35R19, will there be enough space? How can I calculate or measure this myself? I am not keen to modify anything or get someone to modify anything if the wider tires can't fit that's life.

I am also looking at 235/40R19 and 245/35R19. Ride comfort is not really that much of a issue to me as much of the roads I drive are really in good condition and smooth.

For the 18"x8 wheels.
255/40R18 (if 255's will fit)

What should I look at offset wise?

Any advice and help would be appreciated. I have included pictures of the wheels in question.

Kind regards


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