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Since joining this forum a few weeks ago I've be going through all (or nearly all) the posts. Must say, there is soooo much interesting info to be found. Now, I think I should be putting in my two bobs worth.

Forgive me if I go over some of the topics that appeared earlier but, as I'm new to this forum and others are also new it might be of some interest.

There are 4 models available in Australia (Victoria). Neo, Maxx, sTouring and Akari.
All come with a "temporary" spare wheel (thankfully). Only the Neo has steel wheels.
The Maxx has 16" wheels while the models above have 18".

I bought the Maxx mainly because I thought the 16" wheels would give a better ride. While I still think this, given the chance again, think I might go for the sTouring, having said that I am extremely happy with my CX-3 (I'll expand on this if anyone's interested).

Suggestions as to where to buy accessories cheaper than the Mazda dealer are good but, often the Mazda dealer is cheaper. What I'm getting at here is you may look up the dealer price that includes fitting if however you go to the "spare parts" section the parts are very much cheaper. E.G. (Fitted/Spare Parts) Bonnet Protector $144.82/$113.90. Slimline Weather Shields $156.42/115.20. For this last item eBay is offering them for $129.
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