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Hello and good morning to everybody.

I am a fresh owner of a used 2017 CX3 "Luxury Edition", I am based in Europe so the trim may not tell you much, but it's basically an Exceed + brown leather / dark grey suede seats + new wheel + I-activsense package.
Beautiful car and full of interesting safety devices, but I struggle with a couple of them.

I don't know if the two things are related. The first one is with the MRCC: during the first weeks, it was closed to impossible being able to use it for more than 2-3 km then it disengaged by itself. Sometimes, pressing the RES button re-engaged it for another couple km but more often it simply refused to remain active, and pressing the RES button just activated it for a few moments (less than 5 seconds) only to disengage again repeatedly. Then, with the advent of the cold season last week, it stopped doing this and only seldom it refuses to engage, but the majority of the moment it stays active until the next occurence of one of the "disengaging triggers" (e.g. brake). I supposed that there could have been some bad contact on the brake sensor, but until it happens again, I won't be able to double check it.

The other issue, also this one not happening anymore since a few days but very well present in the first 2-3 weeks of usage, was that the car refused to throttle for a few seconds. Sometimes it happened when starting from idle position (e.g. in the morning while getting onto the main road from my house), sometimes after few kilometres in 5 or 6 gear, it was like if the throttle was completely cut off. I had to downshift one or two gears to have it working again, I couldn't set the cruise control (MRCC) to any speed, and in a couple of occurrences all the amber lights related to emergency braking, lane departure, and city emergency brake did turn on, with a failure indication (amber triangle), as if the throttle cut was somehow caused by one of the sensors aiding those safety functions (I don't know if it's the radar, the laser or the cam).

Had anyone experienced anything similar? I am struggling to trust the ADAS after having experienced these random hiccups..
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