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Hello. Does anyone know if there is a place I can get a mesh grille that fits the 2017 Mazda3? I like to customize my cars a little to make it mine. (I can find the 2016 grille, but not the 2017.)

Also, I haven't bought the car yet, but what is your opinion on sound deadening? What kind? Worth it or not??


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Hasn't even bought it yet and is already personalizing it :)

Welcome to the group ... and please, in your profile, tell us where you're located.

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You could try Mazda. Their prices are not usually bad.

The CX-3 is not the quietest car in the world and might benefit from some extra insulation. Like mainemanx says, it would help if we knew where you are as those markets with a diesel option can get the hood liner but to be honest, I think I'd wait and see how I got on with it first.
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