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Mazda MZD Connect FIRMWARE Downloads-UPDATED

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Mazda-MZD Connect FIRMWARE Downloads-UPDATED


CX-3 Owners (worldwide), YES you can update your Firmware yourself IF you wish to a later updated versions, these later versions have many bug fixes and at times new features for particular model Mazda's.

All Skyactiv Mazda's has the same 'usage' in all the Mazda model line up, like CX-5, CX-9, CX-3, Mazda 2, 3 and 6 and MX-5.

ALL you need to do is select and install the correct 'Type' for your Country or Region..DO NOT Mix up or Install Firmware meant for different Countries/Regions.


There are basically 4 different Firmware Types.
NA is for North America ONLY.
EU is for Europe and UK.
ADR (4A) is for Australia, NZ, Thailand, Philippines, most of South America and most of Africa and Oceania.
JP is for Japan ONLY.

How Do I know what 'Version Of Firmware' I already have installed in my car with Mazda-MZD Connect now?

Do the following on your cars Dashboard Connect LCD Screen to reveal.......

Connect Touch Screen ON; touch "Settings" icon (far right); Then far right Folder Tab '>>' touch it a few times to 'System' Folder; finger scroll to bottom of page touch "About"; touch "Version Information";

See the three Version of Firmware Type + Numbers listed on
your cars Dashboard Connect LCD Screen (EU here is an example).......

OS Version is 56.00.513 EU N
Music Database Version is 00.05.000
Fail Safe Version is 56.00.513

Note: The N after the firmware 'type' means the 'SatNav' protocol that being the NNG brand.
(JP firmware has 'SatNav' protocol M by Matsukone only used for/in Japan).

Note: Earlier Versions of Firmware may not show any 'type' or letters after the numbers, until a later update has been installed, be careful if there are no alpha letters after the firmware numbers that you do install the correct type for your Country, do not guess it, ask here if you are not certain.

Anyway there is a Thread I created over at our sister forum, the Mazda 3 Revolution .com forum with all the Links and Advise you will ever need, yes it is a long thread, but it really is very simple.
As I can not post external links here, go to this Forum and look for this specific Thread Title and Download Links....

"Mazda-MZD Connect FIRMWARE Downloads-UPDATED"

There is also a similar named thread which is much older and much larger, but it is not up to date and contains far less user info and user instructions.

IF you have already installed any 'Tweaks" or SSH re-formatting in your great Mazda CX-3 I strongly suggest you remove these tweaks BEFORE you run the standard OE Mazda Firmware update.
Some owners (only a few) have bricked their CMU because they did not follow this advise.
You do not void your warranty by updating your Connect Firmware yourself.
NOTE: In most cases when you update Firmware your Music Database (Gracenote) is also updated to latest available.

ALSO NOTE: Do not rely on your Mazda Dealer to update your Firmware for Connect as most never will unless you complain of a specific issue or fault.

This thread is NOT about any hacking advise, sorry, I can not help you there.
There are other threads/members who can for that. :)

For Links for the latest Firmware Please ONLY Contact me via private message system by Start Conversation. Click on persons Avatar pic See 'Message' and click on it then fill out the Message you want to send, then click on Start conversation to send.
IF YOU ARE A NEW MEMBER you must post text content in at least 2 separate posts in any thread within THIS forum, THEN wait about 24 hours and then you can direct message any member, this is usual policy in most forums.
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Hi @ASH8 I am looking EU 74.00.324A-UPDATE.UP file, if anyone can send me link or file, thank you in advance
Hi all.. is 74.00.324 the latest firmware available?
Hello, I'm so new to this. Just bought a 2018 Mazda CX-3 in the US. I purchased the Android Carplay but am not sure about where/which download for the software that's safe. I have 59...version? software in my car. I know I need to 70 software, but also see there's a 74. Do I need to download both? Wasn't sure if the 74 would work unless I purchase different equipment? Hope this makes sense... thank you in advance for your help!
The method I took was to go the long winded route of 59.00.545A (my previous version) ----> 70.00.100A Failsafe ----> 70.00.100A Reinstall -----> 74.00.324A Update route.

However from the information supplied to me by ASH8 back in December '22, I was told "You are on 59, you can now go straight to 74."

Note this was for the EU rather than NA versions of the software but I think this still applies for NA. You are best to contact forum member ASH8 for confirmation of the above. To do this click on his pic and start a conversation. You might need to have sent in two posts before being able to start a conversation. He will also be able to supply links to the appropriate file(s) and install video.
Hi all.. is 74.00.324 the latest firmware available?
Available but don't have link:(:(:(:(
Would someone please have the firmware 74.00.324A 4A N (ADR) for the MZD Connect on a CX-5?
Thanks for the infos. I'll text you later! Have a good day.
I really fail to understand why you are posting misinformation.
You do not have to be experienced in "hacking" to update software or firmware.
Yes it is not quite hitting only one "update' button on your smart phone, or PC, but it is simply listed instructions done by many, many people around the world, even a video to show you how to.
But I understand, I guess some have it an others don't.

EDIT: Just to make this clear, None of what I have said in any forums comes close to 'hacking', it is everything your Mazda Dealer does, and it is not hacking, simple.

And yes, I have not suggested that owners 'blindly follow' what 'someone says', precisely why I don't recommend hacking, again, what I post is Exactly what Mazda says in TSB and what your Mazda Dealer does when updating your Mazda Connect or MZD connect.

The failures I have seen are from those who have previously hacked and do not remove the hacks before running a genuine firmware updates, if you don't hack you wont run into this issue.

Or they have had hardware issues and trying to resolve them with software updates which never works. IF this is the case then Mazda has renewed part without question and at no owner cost as it is a know defect.

So far there has been no reported issues with actual CMU or TAU Hardware in CX-3, there will always be Firmware updates, and once out of new car warranty owners will then resort to doing it themselves or paying over $100 which will be the update cost a Service Dealer will charge as it is the listed service schedule.

So how do you update your Gracenote Music Database greasman85, just interested.


I've been advised that you are able to help,

I have a 2019 CX3 with OS Ver 59.00.5455 EU N
but I want to be able to use the Android Auto/Car Play on the update

can you point me in the right direction of where I can get the software
and do I need to buy a USB adaptor to update my current USB ports on the dash of my car.. as I've seen youtube videos
where they have had to remove and update to a newer USB socket to get the Android Auto/Apple car play to work...
but I've not been able to locate if this is needed for the 2019 version

any help would be great

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Hello, I cant message you for some reason...

I would like to know if I could have the links to downbload the mazda 3 2016 NA firmware. I'm curently on version 55.00.750 NA N and I would like to update to firmware v70.00.21 or later (to get android auto).

If I do understand properly, I think I would need to install version 59.00.441A and after this procedure, install version v70.00.21 or later.

Do you still have those 2 firmwares?
I attached my current firmware info just to be sure.

Thanks and have a nice day !


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Can someone please share the latest firmware file? Browsing on the internet for this file for a long time.
Can someone please send me the latest update for the EU? Thanks!
Hoping to get update my Mazda to the latest firmware
Shouldn't people be pming.. rather than asking in the thread..?
hi please give the file to update from old version 59.00.545 EU N to new version


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I am currently on 59.00.540 JP M - can I update to another region for v70? Thanks
Hi @ASH8 I am looking EU 74.00.324A-UPDATE.UP file, if anyone can send me link or file, thank you in advance
Hi there did you get that file, assuming it is for Australia?
just last week I got a 2nd-hand 100th anniversary version of MX5 ND, enjoyed so much. Haven't check the system version, but well I'm quite interested into updating the firmware, also for the MAZDA 3 my wife is using daily.
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