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Mazda MZD Connect FIRMWARE Downloads-UPDATED

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Mazda-MZD Connect FIRMWARE Downloads-UPDATED


CX-3 Owners (worldwide), YES you can update your Firmware yourself IF you wish to a later updated versions, these later versions have many bug fixes and at times new features for particular model Mazda's.

All Skyactiv Mazda's has the same 'usage' in all the Mazda model line up, like CX-5, CX-9, CX-3, Mazda 2, 3 and 6 and MX-5.

ALL you need to do is select and install the correct 'Type' for your Country or Region..DO NOT Mix up or Install Firmware meant for different Countries/Regions.


There are basically 4 different Firmware Types.
NA is for North America ONLY.
EU is for Europe and UK.
ADR (4A) is for Australia, NZ, Thailand, Philippines, most of South America and most of Africa and Oceania.
JP is for Japan ONLY.

How Do I know what 'Version Of Firmware' I already have installed in my car with Mazda-MZD Connect now?

Do the following on your cars Dashboard Connect LCD Screen to reveal.......

Connect Touch Screen ON; touch "Settings" icon (far right); Then far right Folder Tab '>>' touch it a few times to 'System' Folder; finger scroll to bottom of page touch "About"; touch "Version Information";

See the three Version of Firmware Type + Numbers listed on
your cars Dashboard Connect LCD Screen (EU here is an example).......

OS Version is 56.00.513 EU N
Music Database Version is 00.05.000
Fail Safe Version is 56.00.513

Note: The N after the firmware 'type' means the 'SatNav' protocol that being the NNG brand.
(JP firmware has 'SatNav' protocol M by Matsukone only used for/in Japan).

Note: Earlier Versions of Firmware may not show any 'type' or letters after the numbers, until a later update has been installed, be careful if there are no alpha letters after the firmware numbers that you do install the correct type for your Country, do not guess it, ask here if you are not certain.

Anyway there is a Thread I created over at our sister forum, the Mazda 3 Revolution .com forum with all the Links and Advise you will ever need, yes it is a long thread, but it really is very simple.
As I can not post external links here, go to this Forum and look for this specific Thread Title and Download Links....

"Mazda-MZD Connect FIRMWARE Downloads-UPDATED"

There is also a similar named thread which is much older and much larger, but it is not up to date and contains far less user info and user instructions.

IF you have already installed any 'Tweaks" or SSH re-formatting in your great Mazda CX-3 I strongly suggest you remove these tweaks BEFORE you run the standard OE Mazda Firmware update.
Some owners (only a few) have bricked their CMU because they did not follow this advise.
You do not void your warranty by updating your Connect Firmware yourself.
NOTE: In most cases when you update Firmware your Music Database (Gracenote) is also updated to latest available.

ALSO NOTE: Do not rely on your Mazda Dealer to update your Firmware for Connect as most never will unless you complain of a specific issue or fault.

This thread is NOT about any hacking advise, sorry, I can not help you there.
There are other threads/members who can for that. :)

For Links for the latest Firmware Please ONLY Contact me via private message system by Start Conversation. Click on persons Avatar pic See 'Message' and click on it then fill out the Message you want to send, then click on Start conversation to send.
IF YOU ARE A NEW MEMBER you must post text content in at least 2 separate posts in any thread within THIS forum, THEN wait about 24 hours and then you can direct message any member, this is usual policy in most forums.
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anyone have fw 74.00.200 ?, Could you please share me ?.
The next release will be 74.00.230, it is available for NA N or NORTH AMERICA ONLY right now.

The rest of the world EU N and 4A N (ADR), will be a few more months yet....nobody has them in the wild, even Mazda Dealers do not have them yet....about November December 2021.

This 74 version has WCP Wireless Carplay software, but you MUST also buy a 2021 CMU hardware designed for WCP as WCP will not work without the correct CMU Hardware...cost new is over $1000 USD.
Hi, Question, can I go from 56.00230EU N to 70.00.367A or do I have to go through 70.00.100A first?
Hi, Question, can I go from 56.00230EU N to 70.00.367A or do I have to go through 70.00.100A first?

obviously not....YES you have to do 70.00.100A TWO FILES
So anybody noticed some changes after updating?
Well looks like this is the end..
I cant log in to server either..
Looks like the guy who was paying has no longer renewed his subscription.

I have tried to contact but not looking good.
working on new server....try after weekend
Does anyone have firmware newer than EU? I installed this successfully on my Mazda and ordered the
Retrofit hub but apparently I'll be needing or newer for CarPlay to work ..
Does anyone have firmware newer than EU? I installed this successfully on my Mazda and ordered the
Retrofit hub but apparently I'll be needing or newer for CarPlay to work ..
See instruction in Server..
Yes your Carplay will still activate once you install parts with 70.00.100.
YES there is a later or newer version for EU N, that is 70.00.367A
Hi Everyone,

My 2017 CX-5 is on 59.00.502 NA N. I need to upgrade my firmware to 70.00.100A. But I am not able to find the firmware. Does anyone know where I can find it ?
Have a 2018 cx3 with firmware version 59.00.504 EU N. They told me I need the 70.00.137 to get Android auto install with the kit. Any suggestions where to find and how to install the firmware ?
Firstly, thanks to all the hard work of the early posters going back to 2016.

So, I have the two files for cmu150_NA_70.00.100A, failsafe.up and reinstall.up. I'm currently running 59.00.504 NA N. If I've read everything correctly, I should be able to do a direct update with these files without having to move to an intermediate version. Does that sound right? Eventually I would like to update my USB hub so that I can install android auto.
Hi I'm in Australia and bought the apple carplay interface and read I need to update the firmware to 7. Can anyone help me where to get it from really struggling any help would be appreciated.
I could really use some help RE: the firmware update.

Before I could even upload the files, my entire audio/nav system had a catastrophic meltdown.

I have tried all variations of hard resets, but it remains completely dead, with the exception of FM static on occasion.

Obviously, I'm staring down the barrel of an expensive and tedious journey. I am hoping someone, somewhere has some CPR I can perform. I'd also, be interested in a knock-off Nav/Stereo Head unit, if anyone has had any success with one.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

working on new server....try after weekend
Hey ASH, I am looking for the Australian firmware v56-58 preferably (there was a copy of ADR 56.00.513C at some point). Any chance you or someone else here might have a copy?

Also I have a personal server setup that can host all the files if you have copies of them all. Would also be happy to set up torrents for them, and also seed them on my server so the links never go down again.
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If my Mazda is 2015, Atenza, firmware version shows no region, just 51.00.351, what type of procedure should I proceed? Thanks in advance.
Just to let you know FINALLY for Europe and UK ..
74.00.311A EU N is now available
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Just to let you know FINALLY for Europe and UK ..
74.00.311A EU N is now available
Thank you ASH8 :)
I've got a CX-3 2015 - The firmware currently is v56, so I'll need to jump two file process to, then single .up to

Performed both FW upgrades - all easy following guide.
Where can I find the link to download version 74.00.311A EU N?
Thank you.
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