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Hey guys what do you think of Nissan Juke?

I'm really curious of what you think about the Mazda CX3 comparatively to the Nissan Juke. I love the engineering, the size, and everything about the Juke.... I would have bought one already except for one fact - the UGLY styling.

That is what compels me to the CX3. It seems like a similar size and form factor to the Juke, but without the ugliness. In fact it looks quite clean and sleek.

Any other opinions here?

CX3: 2.0L SkyActiv 4 cylinder
Juke: 1.6L Direct Injection 4 Cylinder


CX3: 155 bhp (estimated based on Mazda 2)
HRV: 188 bhp


CX3: 150 ft-lbs (estimated based on Mazda 2)
Juke: 177 ft-lbs


CX3: 168.3 x 67.5 x 61
Juke: 162.4 x 69.5 x 61.8
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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