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Mazda CX3 Mirror help

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Hi, I have a Mazda CX-3 Max with foldable side mirrors

Yesterday when reversing i hit the left side rear view mirror and something broke.
The mirror unit itself is not damaged. But underneath something has broken it seems and is now wobbling in the wind when driving.
In the pictures attached i am lifting it as much as possible and seems that a cable inside is holding the mirror unit to the car itself.

Any idea if this is an easy fix and what parts i need to buy?
Any advice is greatly appreciated


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A similar situation. I am interested in any advice. Or contacts where you can apply
I rang around for a quote and everybody says i need to replace the entire mirror assembly which is quite expensive and such a waste really.
I just put black tape to hold it up and unless you look very closely with a microscope you would never know there is an issue.
I just cannot electrically fold the windows in and out.

Let me know if you find an easy fix for this?
I had the same issue I ended up having to buy a whole new assembly. the non powered one is $50
i have replaced the passenger side mirror on my 2019 CX-3. Mine has the blind spot monitor. You need to make sure the replacement is the same.

search Google for the mirror. Make sure you are buying the whole assembly, not just the casing, or not minus the mirror. OEM is really expensive but there are after market suppliers between $105-$130.

You need to take the door panel off And mirror removal. Check YouTube for some videos on this. There is a power cable that plugs into the old mirror. This controls the mirror adjustment and blind spot monitor.

Take special note how the cable goes under the window and door frame up to the mirror. It is difficult to route it through and not have the window hit it when you roll it down! i could not find a good video for that and it is hard to do.

I would say it took me about 90 minutes but I got it replaced and all works fine.
New assembly is needed. You can search for a second hand one, to save some money.
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