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Mazda cannot be turned OFF..!!

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This information is from Mazda Japan (MMC) and applies to ALL Model Mazda's worldwide with the factory installed electronic Ignition Push Start/Stop Button MADE from Mazda 3 2014, plus Mazda 2, Mazda 6, CX-3, CX-4, CX-5, CX-7, CX-8, CX-9, CX-50, CX-60, CX-70, CX-90, MX-30 , etc.

The issue or complaint..
Engine will not Turn OFF when vehicle is parked and START /STOP Push Button is Pressed.

The cause....
Due to the reverse power supply from electronic devices with its own internal batteries to the vehicle through the accessory socket (on dashboard), the vehicle system may not be able to determine the vehicle electronic status.
As a result, the vehicle power supply control fails.

To overcome this situation, remove any electronic device with internal batteries from the accessory socket port.
The Mazda vehicle should then power off as normal as soon as and after any Battery Powered DEVICE is disconnected from cars power supply port.
The DEVICE (like mobile Phone) can resume being battery charged via ACC Mode after engine has shut down.

This situation is not considered a manufacturer defect.

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Tl:dr use better chargers basically


This took a bit to understand before the picture finally loaded on a refresh lol. I feel like i need to add in some data on this as it seems a bit overblown and poorly explained as mazdas side.

The chance of a battery device(basically any phone or maybe GPS with internal battery) backfeeding an entire car seems like its more of a charger problem if people are using those dirt cheap chargers either from aliexpress ebay or those throwaway chargers on counter of stores that dont properly regulate charging. You would also need to have a device capable of reverse charging which some devices (not all)with 5000+mah battery might support but the processing of the charger should stop and not allow backfeeding. It feels like a extremely rare use case since the phone system has safety checks on how much power to back feed out and the charger sould have to accept the current with no regulation on heat or volt/watt etc would require a perfect environment to have a car basically run off of your phone. Im trying to imagine the wiring plot of connections needed to have this happen and it seems like its rather a poor implementation of push to start on mazdas part otherwise this would be an international issue for every make and model vehicle. To have a shutdown process terminated from a backfeed seems like a grossly overlooked detail since the feed pulled from a charger would be unregulated and cause damage to a phone in theory. The key connection still remains the charger used.

On the bright side i can confirm ive never had this happen thankfully using my chargers since they regulate for higher amp charging based on device plugged in.

Hopefully this alleviates anyones concern regarding this and thanks for OP for bringing it up
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