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After several months and weeks of searching, this is what I found and implemented:

* OEM Halogen lights:

Low beam - Osram H11 12v 55w

High beams - Osram 9005 (HB3) 12v 65w

So I decided to change it, for the appearance and also the lighting.

In the first image is the OEM Osram

Second, the LED Narva 12v 16w 6000k LED (Best of the 3)

Third, the LED Night Eye (Novsight) LED 12v 50w 6500k

But I noticed that the no of these LEDs have the same depth (Most important on the road) as halogen, but they do have better diffusion to the sides.

*After studying Mazda ADAPTIVE OEM LED lights, I determined that:

They are not actually LEDs, ONLY "THE ANGEL EYES" are

Low beams:
Uses a projector-style ceiling light with HID

High beams:
Use a reflector-style ceiling light with LEDs (I suppose)

PS: Can't find what kind of bulbs the OEM LED uses, the only thing is "Full Headlight Replacement"

In conclusion, the best set because it uses the same style of headlight as the non-LED:

Low beams: Could be a better halogen or HID

High beams: A better halogen because the LEDs spread too much light on these in the wrong way

*Noise at the door

It is solved with an adjustment in the handles

Here another forum about it:

* Possible lifting of the car without compromising the warranty:

Feasible, in process ...
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