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If you look at your 2018 Cx-3 manual, it seems that there is a place for an inside release for the back hatch. But there is no such handle or lever: just a hood release and a gas tank release. So is there a foot lever? Well, no. Instead, you get a mystery system.

The release is a flat little panel somewhere under the edge of the door. No, don't pull on that: it's the backup camera! (I had to tell that to a friend yesterday, and she went to Cal Tech). If you find the little flat place and depress it, there is a good chance the hatch will open. But you won't feel it with your mittens in the sub zero weather in winter in the Northeast: take off that glove and start exploring!

To make the mystery even more challenging there is ANOTHER little panel nearby under the lip of the hatch. If you press it, gongs don't go off, but you find that you have now locked up your whole car. Start over.

While other car makers are making it ever easier for owners to get their hatches to open and their groceries and packages loaded, even by kids at the market, Mazda has made this car a fumbler's dream. Put your stuff down in the snow and see if you can find the little soft spot! What were they thinking?
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