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Ipod Interface

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I just leased a 2014 CX-3. My wife and I are happy with the car, but I did notice that the Ipod interface seems to be on the odd side. I have an Ipod classic with lots of tracks on it. When I connect the Ipod, the system takes 15-20 minutes to read the library. It works fine when you only have a few tracks, but the larger the library, the longer it takes. It's pretty much unusable. The dealer saw this happen and it's repeatable at least on my car. I've seen some similar reports on other Mazda forums. Has anyone else observed this? Can you offer a work around? It does play with the aux input, which is just taking the headphone output and dumping it to the sound system, but then the controls are based on the ipod, and it's not charging. Does Mazda intend to fix this? Poor design in my opinion. My previous vehicle's ipod interface was flawless. Connect the device and away you go. Let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance to all responders!
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I don't have an answer for you but thank-you for the the heads up! Good to know...
Ipod interface update

We just got an ipod nano. It doesn't have nearly as many tracks on it as my classic. It loads up and plays just fine. I'll be watching to see if performance degrades as we add music to it, but given the smaller capacity, maybe it won't be a problem.
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