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Finally got around to doing this.
Created a plug and play harness - connects to the engine bay fuse box (Meter 1 fuse), which is switched, could not find many other fuses that were switched, even had a sunroof fuse that was constant power but I don't have a Meter 1 was lowest ampere fuse I found (10A). Used a fuse Fuse tape (single leg type), as the piggy back fuses (mini and low profile types were not staying in place).

Harness, nothing special just pre-wired with 2 water proof connectors, the other end of the connector wired to the DRL strip.
Power from the Fuse box as above, ground to a nut that was in close proximity (looks like the head light ground point).
Used yellow cable ties where feasible and red insulation tape (so I can easily identify the additional heat shielding tubes).
No bare wires were left exposed, everything is in heat shield conduit, except for the positive wire in the fuse box.
Used a 3A fuse on the positive wire (seeing that I was not using piggyback fuse).

Harness runs along the left and right sides of the engine bay, then under the windscreen (you'll see in the photos) between the little plastic shelf thing and the engine itself. Cable ties in place. I could have routed in along the front behind the grille but I've never taken the bumper off, and this was a bit more tricky as there were tight spaces and I didn't want the harness pushing up against anything hot, like the AC & Radiator lines.

DRL Strip, is the sequential turn signal type. But the flashing of the turn signal didn't interest me as it was too fast, and was out of sync with the OEM signals. So I didn't connect this up.
These were nothing fancy DRLs. It is more of a test run for me. As now that I'm happy with the layout and workings, I will invest in a better quality design, something similar to a cold cathode type.

All pictures attached.
In mid day sun it's doesn't look so bright, but today in the morning, it's more noticeable.

Engine bay is dirty. Will be cleaned this holidays, with a full 3 stage body polish, post will be put up. The annual detailing pilgrimage.


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