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- i-ACTIV features can be fidgetty. Last night I was testing my lane departure by intentionally driving halfway over the line on a clear night with a road in good condition, LDS didn't do squat. This morning it's squawking again. Sometimes it thinks a line of tar bubbled up through the surface or a bit of spray paint is a lane marker, and goes off even if I'm right where I need to be. Radar cruise has no idea what to do when I'm in a sweeping turn or on rolling terrain (which there is a lot of in the hills/mountains in WA). It sees nothing, then hits the gas, then the object passes back in front of it and it slams on the brakes. It really needs a long, flat, straight surface like a Kansas highway. The sensors also have trouble detecting motorcycles unless they are dead center. If they wiggle to the side, you get acceleration. Sometimes I have no idea why blind spot monitoring isn't showing me a car I clearly know is there, then beeps at me as it goes past when I change lanes. This a feature that really doesn't need "lag".

- Could use a bigger gas tank. I have an AWD GT. I think my coffee mug is bigger than this tank.

- Armrests aren't really in the right place. They just don't fit me well, and I've seen someone else complain about this too.

- No lumbar adjustment on seat. C'mon Mazda, these are some of your best seats. It doesn't have to be power, just something. Seats are also a bit narrow before their pretty aggressive ridges. Overall I like them, but I think they could have toned down the protrusions and still been fine. NO POWER SEATS.

- Center console is recessed too far back. I have to crane my arm and reach behind me for drinks and certain console buttons.

- Paint seems to be pretty fragile. I'm getting a frontal wrap done in a few days, but I've had this thing since late August. It's ceramic metallic and takes a beating on crap and crap-filled Seattle-area roads (I think yesterday I got hit by a flying chunk of dropped mud flap). The most common sites of impact are the lower front bumper, which underneath is a black plastic. Every little chip shows drastically. Good thing I've stocked up on 47A paint and am getting the wrap.

- Butt end is a dirt magnet. Just seems to be a "feature" of hatches (which this essentially is), but the back side of this thing is always dirty. Water gets all in the seam under the rear door and piles the dirt in there with it. The rest of the car can look pretty good, but the back side is filthy.

- A day or so after it rains I'm still pulling up smears of water with the windows. I hope that's all safely isolated from important stuff in the doors, because in case you hadn't heard it rains A LOT in Seattle.

- No turbocharger or Mazdaspeed variant (or manual, which we've all had plenty of time to sob about). I mean, as long as we're saying things we don't like, I don't like that I can't go even FASTER. People have asked, cars that I know have turbos have challenged me on the road, I WANNA PLAY TOO! It's also frightening to pass at highway speeds. The low-end torque and zip you get in the city give you a false sense of the car's capability. Have fun with that trying to pass a semi on a busy two-lane highway.

- Software has a few bugs or features I don't necessarily like. Bluetooth works great until suddenly it doesn't, then I get see-saw functionality until generally I restart. I don't want to have to "reboot" my car. Google Maps streamed via bluetooth still horsewhips their nav maps for best route information. No easy way to "scroll through" XM channels unless they're favorites (only thing I've found is to do a constant start-stop scan). Voice recognition is sketchy, but better than some. Needs Android Auto and CarPlay. The Mazda apps don't impress me, so I'm a bit worried they don't have the greatest SW development team.

Those are my general impressions right now. Again, I absolutely love this car, and would only part with it for a faster variant. I've put plenty of miles on it just enjoying the experience of driving it, particularly on wet, dark nights. It's a wee beast when it comes to handling twisty country roads under adverse conditions. There are definitely some areas for improvement for a Gen1.5/2 release though.
Your information is quite helpful. I'm very seriously considering a 2019 Mazda CX-3. I currently have a Mazda2, which I generally love but it's getting old and I had an accident so thinking I'm better off to get a newer car instead of fixing. I know my current Mazda2 also has a small gas tank, which is a bit annoying. Funny you mentioned you have ceramic metallic color--one of the colors I'm thinking of. I'm surprised to hear about the paint. Do you think that is true for all the paint colors? Now I'm wondering whether I should just fix the current Mazda I have until they hopefully straighten some of these things out. However, I think that some of these things are a continuing issue. I've heard about the software issue probably 10 yrs. ago and not-so-easy to use entertainment center. Also, the safety features that do not seem up to par is a concern. I do appreciate the honest assessment. Any other thoughts?
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