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Hi from Australia

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Hi, hope this is where im supposed to post an intro as its not that clear. Also took ages to register, especially a password. I have a new Akari CX3 for about 2 months. I love it, is nice to drive especially around corners. Im on here as i have a few concerns, mostly with the fuel consumption. It started out at 8.2 then went up to 8.8. It was reset at the 1000km check. Then it was doing 10.3 but has come down to 9.7. This seems very high and the average is 10.3 since ive had the car done 1200km. I drive conservatively. Had a few issues since i got car back from its 1000km check. Like the gps putting in tolls when its selected to avoid. The gear stick lever being really hard to move. Infotainment system shutting down and it behaving inconsistently. Oh and the dealership completely invalidating all forum users posts. Like we make stuff up.
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Welcome to the forum. I can't use those units but as Australia is such a small place, our man Levi will nip round for a brew and put you right. He'll be here in a bit.
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Welcome to the forum. I can't use those units but as Australia is such a small place, our man Levi will nip round for a brew and put you right. He'll be here in a bit.
Thanks MATE. Dunno about the cuppa Spencer but welcome to the forum. I've done over 4,000k and have regularly been getting mid 6's to mid 7's. So, to me, your results are way too high (unless you're stuck in traffic regularly). You say you drive conservatively then it must be the engine tune. Yesterday I did a petrol (gas, for that other lot) consumption check and will put the results into the forum when I get back onto my desktop later in the day.
Hi and welcome :)

I assume You're talking l/100 km, right?

I've driven close to 30,000 km in mine (a 2.0 petrol 120hp auto FWD) and You can see my average here: Gasoline consumption: Mazda - CX-3 - Optimum 2.0 -

My overall average is 6.24, worst average is 6.83 and best is 5.66

I drive conservatively but with quick accellerations to get up to speed and I use the cruise control as much as possible.

So, as Levi3xt says, it sounds like Your engine is a bit off. I don't think I can get an average like Yours, unless I floor it all the time and drive mainly in town with a lot of start/stop.
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OK, back Spencer. I've attached part of my spreadsheet to show my l/100 km. Also the miles per gallon in Imperial and, so as not to get complaints I've included some in us-mpg (3 down the left side). Must also add my CX-3 is auto. Well, think I'll go now and "boil the billy". And as for anchorman's "as Australia is such a small place", he still thinks I live in mate it's Australia

Apologizes santa for not adding the l/100 km in my earlier post.


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I did tell them in my 1000 service that i thought the engine was revving too high. even when i start it up. But they didnt listen to anything i had to say. Actually they didnt do anything apart from briefly check the oil. It wasnt until i mentioned it to the sales manager that they took the car back up after the so called clean that it was looked at diagnostically. Oh and they gave my car to an apprentice. I asked them if the car was looked at properly and by a fully qualified mechanic to which i got a resounding yes. I said was he an apprentice. No, who worked on my car. cant tell you that. when i mentioned his name they said oh yeah he is our best apprentice with 4 years experience. Does his worked get checked. Yes of course. (no it didnt). He spent about 1 minute on my car. Got it back with disgusting fingerprints on inside and outside of passenger window. Got it back with watermarks all over it from the wash.They said they needed to put in a solution. Id only washed it the day before and then had to rewash it again. I didnt understand what they did when they vacuumed inside the car as only half cleaned. By man wearing a turbine who looked very disinterested in the job. They were very nice to me before i bought the car though, paid upfront. Watching my poor new car being driven fast in their cramped area and lighting up and smoking around my car in an area that staff arent supposed to smoke, knowing they drove my car after smoking. And most of my settings
were stuffed up when i got car back, including the HUD. I didnt understand the cover sheet left on the passenger side, i guess another guy got a ride down, hence the dirty fingerprints. Next time im watching my car in person. Took half a day too.Glad i got front and rare cameras on my car. Of course they new they were there.
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I would consider trying another dealership to have your car serviced, if this effects any sort of additional warranty that was given with your purchase then contact Mazda directly (fyi under Australian consumer law as long as it is a like-for-like service performed by a qualified mechanic your warranty is still valid).

This isn't the service I'm given at the dealership I go too, you are greeted by someone who explains what is happening with your car, asks if there is any issues with your car and clarifies anything you may have raised at your last service for a follow up. The car comes back pristine and there should be a little tag on your rear-vision mirror telling you who serviced your car. The service is honestly on par with what I've seen at Audi and BMW. My only complaint is I have to drink filter coffee like a peasant.

Your concerns are valid and you should raise them. In a Holden I had issues with high fuel consumption for years and was told it was just my driving style then eventually when it came time to replace the fuel filter in a scheduled service it turns out it was installed incorrectly from day 1 and was leaking fuel all along. I'm averaging high 7's in my car for mainly urban driving (manual transmission).
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Complain about the (so called) service to whom ever owns/manages that dealership.
I appreciate you may be complaining to "deaf" ears but, if you say nothing your future service may not be much better. If you get the brush off you could try contacting Mazda headquarters.

IF, you continue getting the car serviced there (or any other dealer) DON'T let them wash/vacuum your car.

Can you change dealership? Well, of course you can, but are other dealerships too far to travel. If it come to it you can have your car serviced elsewhere without voiding your warranty. (Provided they are qualified to do warranty work).

If "your in a mind" to keep your new car nice and shiny then there's some good advice in other posts. Give a hoy if you can't locate them.
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