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Hey from Belgium

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4 weeks ago i picked up my brand new CX3 (AT version), my first Mazda in 32 years of car driving, drives like a charm!
Found interesting stuff already on the forum.
Oh btw, my englisch is not the best so forgive me for that.
In the picture below, my car in the showroom.



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Stephan, congratulations, looks very good,
ceramic white ? the colour I ordered also.
Hope you enjoy it, I have to wait till April.
Hey Wheels,

Indeed Ceramic White, we had to wait also 5 months due to automatic transmission but it was worth waiting for it.
Be patient!
Your English is fine Stephan - thanks for going to the effort for us.

The car looks superb with the body kit.

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Welcome to the forum. The body kits looks lovely, makes me think about putting on mine....
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Welcome! That looks really nice!
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