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Hi guys, been following the forum for a while now and my CX-3 finally arrived a couple of weeks ago. Its a high spec Auto FWD in crystal white pearl. Im loving the car so far. Really well built and a true joy to drive.
I just have a couple of questions that im hoping people can help me with;

1. Are the coloured lines on the reversing camera meant to swivel as you turn the steering wheel to show you where your rear is pointing?

2. Playing music off my Moto X Style/Pure is proving tricky, more often than not it shows that music is playing but no sounds comes out, or it stays skipping.

P.S. My OS version is 56.00.100 EU N



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Still haven't been able to work out the Bluetooth music syncing issue, so I think I'll just switch to USB music. Here's a pic of my car :) soon needs a polish and a wax!
Sorry Dru, welcome to the club.

I can’t answer about your phone as I have an iPhone which works as I expect it to but I would have thought the problem was in the phone settings.

Your coloured lines do not move on the CX-3.

Looking forward to seeing the pics!
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