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Hi Guys.

My name is Michael and I live and work in the beautiful town of Limassol (Cyprus). I am 30 years old.
I recently import (from Japan) a mazda cx-3 Skyactive AWD (2015 Year) Diesel, automatic.
It is my first Mazda car and I love it !! For the last 8 years I was driving an Audi A1.

In general I am very happy with the car. However, I recently decided to use the voice commands and most importantly the cell phone services. I have connected successfully the car with my Samsung Galaxy S8. Unfortunately the car's microphone does not hear my voice. When I am calling someone I can clearly hear his/her voice but my voice is not heard. I have the same issue with the voice commands.

Please note that I am very new with Mazda cars and I don't know where is the position of the microphone and I don't even have a manual, as the car was imported from japan.

I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Many thanks in advance.
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