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This took 10 minutes, but if anyone wants to know how to replace the Headlight/Turn Signal Stalk, follow these instructions:

  • Your keys (gotta get in the car!)
  • Phillips ScrewDriver
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Your hand
1. I would move back driver seat all the way back first to provide a little more room
2. Start the car and turn the wheel 90 degrees so you can see part of the cover. Turn the car off after.
3. There are two screws underneath the steering wheel column, use the Phillips and unscrew both of them.
4. Gently pull the two parts of the cover (top and bottom) off. Should separate fairly easily.
5. Lean the top cover up vertically against the speedometer dashboard. Do not pull out! It's still attached to the dash.
6. Pull out the bottom cover
7. You will now see the stalk fitted into the steering wheel column white housing. From the driving position, use the flathead screwdriver and push in and toward the driver side to unlock the stalk from the housing.
8. Gently, with your hand, shift a little bit back and forth until the original stalk comes out.
9. Place the new stalk (with fog light switch) into the the housing. It should just click in.
10. Reverse your steps to put the steering wheel column back to normal.

I had gotten fog light setup that plugs right into the pre-existing wiring of my 2020, added the relay, and just received the new stalk with fog light attached. These instructions should help anyone else not sure how to replace the switch.

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