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Two week owner of a 2016 CX-3 as of today. I had a 2013 Mazda2, bought it in early 2015, used rental car from Hertz. Nice little car and it served me well, but I live in a rural area in southeastern Arizona and wanted something a little larger and with higher ground clearance. We get 75% of our annual rain in the July-August thunderstorm season and after a heavy you can encounter running water across even major roads.

So I researched SUVs and really liked the styling & specs on the CX-3. I prefer to buy 1-2 model year old and let someone richer than me take the initial big new car depreciation. I found this CX-3 online at a Tucson Honda dealer. Carfax showed 1 owner, bought in Kansas & traded it in at the Honda dealer in July. Only 18k miles, asking $18,900. I went in test drove it & really liked it, burgundy red. I offered $18k, dealer wouldn't go below $18,500, so I walked out. Kept watching the online listing as they lowered price to $18500 and then to $18300. Salesman kept emailing me advising me of lowered price & asking me to come back; I told him I was busy. So I went over Friday afternoon before the long Labor Day weekend, without telling the salesman. Walked in, asked for the salesman, sat down and said "OK, let's see if we can do a deal. $17500 was my price, so I offered $17k. Took half an hour, but I got it for $17500.
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