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gasket, such as it is, very thin, 1/4 inch rubber, flimsy, and insubstantial, along the very top of the windshield glass

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The gasket runs along a very shallow channel, "separating" the top edge of the windshield glass from the actual forward edge of the roof.

It is not sitting in its tiny channel, except at the ends on both sides, hanging down on the windshield for about 1/2 inch.

This does not seem right. It seems to me that the windshield glass should be better protected.

Should I apply some sort of gasket cement along its very shallow channel?
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Thanks for all replies!
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Mine looks like, ChiefPontiac.
But I suspect your's has lifted (as you mentioned).

First thing first, was the windscreen ever replaced, or pressure applied to the inside towards the top area (significate pressure)?
Secondly I would not apply any cement. I would go to a auto windscreen shop, let them have a look, may just need to be heated and reset. Failing which, automotive silicone would work, and can be removed if ever needed. But remember to apply it properly and neatly, for the cosmetic of it.
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