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I'm editing my original post which was a plea for help. Now this post just offers information because I was able to solve my own problem.

I ordered seat covers from Coverking. They do not have an installation video online for the CX3. The videos for the 3 and the CX5 are not helpful because the set up is different. The videos to say to unattach the front seat flap in order to pass the seat cover straps beneath the seat for securing.

After looking online and here on the forum, I found nothing to help my dilemma.

But, my husband and I were able to install the front seat covers while leaving the flap in place with no problems at all. The straps passed behind and below the flap and caused no issue whatsoever with installation.
So, if you get seat covers and think you have to detach the flap, you don't!

Also, Coverking did a great job with the covers. We're waiting for the cover for the rear seats, but the front seat covers look great and seem very well made.

Zoom Zoom!
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