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I have a 2016 that I purchased late last year with something like 22k miles on it when I bought it. I changed the oil around 26k just to be safe since I didn't know how long the oil was sitting in it. I chose the flexible time interval in the maintenance monitor. Fast forward to today. I have 31k miles. At some point in the past week or so, the oil life dropped from 80% to 70% (it drops 10% at a time). This seems to be going way too slow. Since it just fell to 70%, it's probably right around there now as opposed to deep into the 60s. So we're talking over maybe a little under 5k miles, call it 4500 miles, I only lost around 30% oil life. That's setting me up for an oil change after 15k miles from the last one. I baby the car somewhat but nothing too crazy. It just seems to me the oil life monitor is being way too generous with the life of the oil. Any thoughts on this? I'm thinking of just doing a change between 7500 and 10000 miles. For what it's worth I'm running Mobil 1 full synthetic. Mix of city and highway driving.

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Odd - So it should go to 0% even by 10k no matter what?
Not sure, but it is time dependent so it will go down without driving as well. I THINK the monitor will go past 10k though and not hit zero. I want to say I did the first oil change at 10,500 miles and the monitor was showing 10%. I will need to double check my log book though so don't quote me on that.
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