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Got back from Washington DC earlier today (left last Friday) driving our CX-3. GF and I both had a great time there and the car was good. Decent mileage, nice AC, fairly comfortable.

We didn't have a lot of stuff in the car when we went but on the way back in Buffalo picked up my car parts to bring back to Toronto (another set of Motegi Traklites, F&R brakes for the SX4 and some furnace filters).

My only gripe now that I've driven the car on a trip is the fact that the trans is a bit too eager to d/shift on hills that I feel it probably could go up staying in 6th gear.

There were some rolling hills where it would go into 5th to get up them and others it would be in 6th, this would kinda kill the mileage somewhat when it d/shifts.

My other cars at highway speeds would stay in top gear but they are stick cars so can't really compare, of course on those really big hills like in southern PA and VA the Mazda would d/shift sometimes even to 4th to get up them (the stick cars I would go into 5th or 4th also depending on grade and speed up the hills).

Not all that impressed with the quick d/shifts of the trans during these escalating moments.

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