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The guys at CarScoops posted their first drive review of the CX-3. Read their full review here: First Drive: Mazda?s Compact CX-3 Brings Style But Is It Premium Enough?

Small crossovers are a relatively new discovery but the huge momentum of the segment kind of forces every manufacturer to have a contender in it. Enter the Mazda CX-3.

This is perhaps the most commercially crucial model Mazda has introduced this year, because the CX-3 is entering one of the hottest and most popular segments of the market, the so-called B-SUV category.

Based on the recently launched 2 supermini, the Mazda CX-3 offers for starters a much more mature and well-accepted design than most of its competitors. You can safely suggest that the CX-3 is a looker, a compliment rarely given in the segment. By adopting the Kodo design language, the CX-3 just looks muscular in an inoffensive way and cleverly sharp whereas the majority of the competition fails to do so.
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