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Hello, I bought a 2018 CX-3 Sport AWD around a week ago and I haven't had much time to drive it, it's just sitting in my garage, I just had a few questions I couldn't find the answer to in the user manual.

First of all, it seems to be equipped with DRLs but I can't really physically see them, even though there is an option to turn them off/on in the infotainment. I understand these aren't as fancy as the higher trims, but I'm still curious. Is there a special position the light stalk needs to be in? IIRC there is only off/parking lights/on then push/pull for brights.

It seems to be equipped with SCBS, and according to the manual, if the driver does not take evasive account to avoid the possible front collision, the system applies the brakes and reduces engine output. That being said, if the car has access to the brakes electronically, does that mean it'll maintain cruise control speed on a downhill?

Sorry, I know these I could find out myself by just driving the car, but I've driven it twice for minutes since I got it, and I'm eager to know.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum.

You won’t see the DRLs by getting out as they turn off if you apply the handbrake. You can see them in a reflection when you follow a car sometimes. The cruise doesn’t hold speed other than engine braking despite it making a full application in SCBS.
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