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hello Everyone ,
i just bought a CX 3 Sport, Model 2018, it had an light accident on the front end, i had the ABS light on the dashboard along with the SBS/SCBS "2 hitting cars"
i replaced the ABS sensors ( one was broken, and that was it. ABS light is no longer on)
but the other light is still on the dashboard, and on the Diagnostic scanner, is reading these 2 errors.
U2100-0A & B115E:54-0A
I understand what they are, and knowing that the front windshield was not hit or replaced, still intact, and the sensors in it are well attached, how i can fix the problem? is it a programming problem as I'm seeing online, or do i need to change some part.

the problem is that the dealership in my country answered that they cant help me, cause i imported my car from the US ( not bought from them) so in a way its me...
the scanners im checking, are not able to enter to this error, normally as i understood, they see the error, they press on it and it gives more detailed info about it and you can reset it or turn it off, but with 2 scanners, they couldn't enter to it...

please help, its my first CX 3 and ... need anyone's
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