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I have a problem on my door lock system. The request key unable to unlock doors, pressing it one time / further pressing it will either (1) one beep with door locked again (locked after locked), and 1 signal flashed, or (2) no beep, no flash and no door locked sound, i.e. no respond. Both request key also gave the same problem. Using transmitter to unlock the door will bring it back to 'normal' for a while. It almost happened everyday.
Send to Mazda service centre, OBDII scan detects no errors, browse the door lock system record log, the unsuccessful door unlocked action was not recorded, the log shows perfect 1 unlocked then followed by 1 locked.......
SC performed few tests and eliminate the problem on request key and transmitter. Then SC advised to use walk-away locked to lock doors and use request key to unlock doors. Well, it only good for few days then it started again, but not so often.
on 2nd visit to SC (roughly a week after), they upgraded the MZD software to the latest (59.00.502), but it only good for a week, and the same problem came back.
Informed SC again and they said will replace BCM next week. Hopefully it will resolve it.

Anyone experienced this problem before?
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